Frequently Asked Questions
Whether you are a person who is searching for a notary public that comes to your home or you are a notary yourself and need more visibility, check out these frequently asked questions.

How does using NotarizeIt! benefit customers of the Notary and Notary Businesses?

NotarizeIt! provides quick, simple, efficient, and transparent booking services for all customers’ notary needs.  This service enables direct access to a respected notary professional in the community including same-day, evening, and weekend services. Mobile notaries can meet you anywhere at your convenience; whether it’s your home, a coffee shop, your office, or a healthcare facility. Customers will not need to wait long periods of time to confirm bookings and will have the capability of leaving an honest review of the notary’s services.


Does the Customer have to register for an account to search and book a notary?

A customer account is not needed to search and book a notary. However, a customer will need to create an account at My account – NotarizeIt ( in order to leave a review and rate the Notary’s service.  A customer account takes less than a minute to create, is free of charge, and provides convenience when booking future services.


How should I search for a notary closest to my location?

Customers can search by zip code, or city and state but should enter their service address to find a notary closest to the service location. Therefore, if you want to meet the notary at a coffee shop, you will enter the coffee shop address to find a notary closest to this location.  If you want the notary to come to your home, it is best for the customer to enter their home address in the search engine.


How far in advance can the Customer book same-day notary service?

Customers are encouraged to book at least the night before notary services are needed. To provide the notary ample time, the network will allow a booking within 4 hours prior to the scheduled time. If the customer needs the notary before a 4-hour time period, they should call the notary directly to ensure their availability and immediate service.


What are other services offered by a Notary Public?

Many independent notary publics also offer additional services such as wedding officiants for elopements, fingerprinting for employers, and field inspectors.  Notaries can list these services as well as many others and the fee for services to be booked through the network.  Only services with the ‘BOOK NOW’ button are able to be booked on-demand.  If the notary has the service posted as ‘READ MORE’ the customer will need to call the notary for immediate assistance.


Why does the Notary have a service as ‘READ MORE’ and not ‘BOOK NOW’?

A notary may have a service posted as ‘READ MORE’ if the service offered requires a customized quote.  A customized quote will require the customer to contact the notary directly at their listed email address or phone number. Payments for these services are made outside of the network, directly to the notary using the notary public’s preferred method of payment.


What if the Notary does not have any services listed?

You may come across a listing of a notary who may not have a service posted to their profile.  At a minimum, all notary publics are able to provide General Notary services. The customer should contact the notary directly at their listed email address or phone number. Payments for these services are made outside of the network, directly to the notary using the notary public’s preferred method of payment.


What if the Customer needs to cancel my scheduled notary service?

Customers who need to cancel their scheduled booking should call the notary public as soon as possible to confirm cancellation. Be sure to read the notary’s profile page to view their cancellation policy. Notary Publics are independent contractors and may charge fees for cancellations that are not made in a timely manner. If a notarization cannot take place due to a non-government, state, or expired identification the notary reserves the right not to refund their travel fees.


What if the Customer is running late to meet the Notary at the scheduled time and location?

Please be mindful that notary publics are independent business owners. A notary may have a customer scheduled immediately after your service.  If you are running late to meet a notary at your office, a healthcare facility, coffee shop or any other location please call them immediately. Most notaries understand that life happens and will do their best to accommodate their customers. Notaries may reserve the right to reschedule the service or charge wait fees for an unreasonable amount of time.


How should the Notary post their fees on the booking network?

The Notary may simply charge a fee to book and the balance due at or after completion of a service.  They may also opt to post the full cost of the booking.  In any event, the notary should always clearly display this and contact their customer to confirm the booking and full price prior to the service.


How much can the Notary charge for their services?

Notary fees will vary depending on each state.  A notary must be in compliance with their state laws when charging for notarial acts.  Any notary on the Notarizeit! Directory who is out of compliance with their notary fee postings will be warned.  Subsequent warnings may lead to removal from the directory without refund.  You may review the NNA resource 2023 Notary Fees By State | NNA ( for guidance regarding notary fees or call the NNA Hotline 1-888-876-0827, Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. PST; Saturday, 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST.


How is the mileage calculated when charging a travel fee?

The booking option allows the notary to include a mileage fee when necessary. Ex: Miles 0-5 = $10, 6-10= $15, 11-15= $20 (be sure to follow the travel fee schedule for your state).  Note: If a customer’s location is outside of the maximum range the Notary is willing to travel, the booking will be removed from their cart and return an error message: “mileage outside of range.” Therefore, if you’re willing to travel up to 100 miles or more be sure to post up to the maximum distance you’re willing to travel. You may review the NNA resource 2023 Notary Fees By State | NNA ( for guidance regarding travel fees.


How is the mileage posted when a travel fee is not applicable?

The booking option allows the notary to input zeros when a travel fee is not necessary. Ex: Miles 0-100 = $0.00 Note: If a travel fee is not charged for the service the notary will want to use the maximum range.


What is the benefit of joining NotarizeIt!?

NotarizeIt! is a Notary Public online directory and booking agent for individual Notaries and Notary businesses. Notaries can do general notary work for the allowed state fees.  In the state of Georgia, a notary shall inform the person requesting any notarial act prior to performing the service if a fee will be charged and the amount permitted by law for each act (Notary Public Georgia | Notary Public | GSCCCA). Many Notaries do not always have the time or funds to market or set up LLCs. Therefore, NotarizeIt! serves as a one-stop shop for new and established mobile or online notaries and notary businesses. The notary will receive payment for their services, and Notarizeit! obtains a small commission from all services booked through the website. General notary prices provide transparency for customers, and they also have access to on-demand or same day service. Notaries do not always have the leisure to set their own schedule but are able to do so through the online NotarizeIt! booking agent. Joining NotarizeIt! can expand the Notary’s footprint on the market through our marketing presence, which allows the customer to come to you. Additionally, both the Notary and the Customer can leave a review and rate each other using a 5-star scale rating. will work on almost all mobile devices with a browser and we’ll never share your data with anyone. Finally, notaries will be able to keep an electronic record of all services booked through the booking network.


Is the NotarizeIt! Directory and Booking Network available in all U.S. states?

NotarizeIt! LLC is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.  Therefore, rollout for the network’s first phase will be for Georgia and/or states with comparative notary laws where fees are consistent regardless of notary type or quantity of signatures; plans are set to expand across the nation. Notary laws vary from state to state so we want to make every effort to ensure network functionalities cater to the needs of each state.  We’d like to hear from you! For input regarding your experience or feedback, please contact us via email @  in the Subject line: Network Feedback.


Can the Notary list other services they provide to market their business?

Yes, notary Loan Signing Agents are needed by businesses like law firms, real estate agencies and title firms for home closings, and mortgage refinancing. Mobile notaries usually charge a travel fee which can also be included with services billed.  Many notaries also serve as wedding officiants and mentors to new and inexperienced notary publics among other services.


How does the Notary Public receive payment for services booked through the network?

NotarizeIt! partners with Stripe to ensure accurate and secure transactions. During the user profile setup, the Notary must also create their Stripe account to receive payment for services completed.  The Stripe registration button is located in the notary’s Seller profile. Go to the Seller’s Profile tab > click Shop > then scroll down to “Connect with Stripe.”


What if a customer purchases the wrong service?                                                                         

Once the customer purchases a listed service the funds will be charged to the customer’s credit or debit card.  It is best practice for the notary to contact a customer as soon as possible to confirm the appropriate service and booking time. Any service and/or price adjustments must be done in person (outside of the network) with the approval of the customer prior to performing and completing the notarial act or other service.  At this time the notary can only submit refunds through the booking system. If the notary must issue a refund through Stripe, they may be subject to applicable fees. Please review Understanding fees for refunded payments : Stripe: Help & Support


How will the notary know they have been booked for a service?

When the Notary gets booked for a service, they will receive an email alert.  Once the notary receives the email notification, they will need to log into their NotarizeIt account.  Go to the Order History tab > click on the Action Icon beside the booking alert to view the customer’s contact information. The best practice is to be readily responsive and follow up with your customer as soon as possible to confirm the details of the booking.


Does NotarizeIt! provide insurance for a Notary and their services?

No, NotarizeIt! only serves as an online intermediary (agent) between notary publics and their clients (customers). We make it easy for customers to locate notary publics within their community during and after normal business hours. It is recommended best practice for Loan Signing Agents to maintain and post their own Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance. Frankly, many title and escrow companies will require a notary to have E&O insurance in order to book for loan signings.


I am interested in becoming a member of the NotarizeIt! directory and booking network. Where do I start?

If you are interested in getting additional community exposure, you may click the link Notary Public Advertising Services – NotarizeIt ( This directory is for state commissioned notaries only.


How long does it take for my information to appear on

Your Notary Profile will appear within 24-72 hours after you register, set up your Stripe Connect account, and create your first service to be booked.  If you do not see your information within 72 hours, please ensure all service Booking Option fields are completed and the information is correct. You may need to delete placeholders and update each field.  If all is correct and you still do not see your listing online-please contact us.


How do I update my information?

To update your Notary profile please login to your account then go to the Seller Profile tab.


How do I remove my profile from your network?

If you are no longer working as a notary and/or would like your listing removed from, please contact us via email @ in the Subject line: Remove Listing; and we will remove your information from our system. It may take up to one week to take effect. To become immediately unsearchable log into your account to delete your billing address and service listings.


How can I contact you?

For all other inquiries, we highly recommend using the Contact Form to contact us. 

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