About NotarizeIt
NotarizeIt is a one-stop shop for both notaries and their clients. We help both parties come together so that the work can be done quickly and efficiently.
About NotarizeIt And Our Mission

NotarizeIt was founded in December of 2021 to provide online booking services and connect customers to local mobile notary publics. NotarizeIt creates an online network for local mobile notaries and all of the additional services they offer. As NotarizeIt continues to grow, the potential for our notary users is limitless.

Our mission is to revolutionize access to notary services by providing a seamless online booking network for mobile notaries. We’re dedicated to empowering our community to effortlessly connect with local notary publics for both personal and professional needs. We’re passionate about supporting independent small business owners in our network, fostering a thriving local economy, and contributing to the livelihoods of our neighbors. Beyond economics, we’re committed to delivering personalized notary services that go above and beyond what’s available elsewhere, creating connections between individuals and businesses. We envision a world where notarizing documents is a bridge to the growth of local communities, and we’re making this vision a reality, one notary booking at a time.

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